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    Dabs Anyone?

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    Do you dab?  Maybe dabs are something you do everyday; maybe dabbing is just a term you’ve heard, but not really sure what all that means.  Here’s a brief, simplified run-

    Shatter vs. Wax

    Shatter vs. Wax

    down on what the heck dabs are exactly and how they are made.

    “Dabbing” is a colloquial term used for the smoking of cannabis concentrates.  These concentrates are smoked in small increments, known as a “dab” of wax, shatter, or whatever type of concentrate you prefer.  Just like types of alcohol are called different things based on how they are made (i.e. champagne is made from grapes like wine, but the end product is different), there are different types of concentrates based on your preferred production method.

    Dabs are made by taking the cannabis flower, and “blasting” it with your preferred solvent (such as butane, c02 oil, water, propane, and more), reducing your flower down to a highly concentrated, tasty bit of wax, shatter, sap, or whatever type of concentrate you elected to make.  This blasting of your cannabis flowers knocks the trichomes (the part of the bud with the THC) off the flower, which are collected and processed in a variety of methods.  The result of this process ends up with the solvent that was used being purged from your cannabis, leaving you with a delicious, incredibly potent way to enjoy yourself.

    There are also many types of dabs- wax and shatter are the most common, but you may also run across things like sap, crumble, snap-pull, oil, or budder.

    Hash oil in a syringe

    Hash oil in a syringe

    Here’s a few things to keep in mind when smoking dabs:

    • Dabs are incredibly potent!
    • Dabs are sold by the gram, and a single gram can be roughly equated to an 1/8th of flower.
    • For new dabbers, taking 1 dab can be like smoking an entire bowl of flower, by yourself, at once.
    • Dabs can be dangerous to make at home- or even illegal! The solvents used to make the dabs can be flammable. Those same solvents can be harmful to ingest, and are often not fully removed from homemade concentrates.  Leave the making of your dabs to the professionals!
    • Dabs require more of a commitment. Not only are special tools required (a torch, dabbing tool/wand, and a specialized smoking device/piece/pen), but the use of a torch, and the potential for hot concentrates to drip, mean more attention is required to not cause injury to yourself or property.

    For those needing additional relief that they are not getting from smoking anymore due to tolerance concerns, or those simply looking for a faster way of getting their THC into their body, concentrates can provide a safe, easy way to enjoy your cannabis.


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