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    The Clementine Challenge

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    Getting hyped for 4-20 but can’t wait for the official

    Cannabis Cup? Join Sacred Seed in

    Colorado’s 1st ever in-house single source hash competition!

    Calling all concentrate lovers! Starting April 1st come into Sacred Seed to experience a one of a kind hash competition where the winner is voted on and chosen by YOU, our loyal customers! 
    So what is an in-house single source hash competition? Basically, Sacred Seed has sent a single strain, our extremely tasty Clementine, to 6 different highly reputable extraction specialists who are now promising to provide us with some of the best hash on the market! To represent these companies in the competition a limited run of only 100 “flights” (six ½ gram samples) will be available for purchase at a discounted rate. Those customers who participate will be asked to fill out and return a ballot voting for their favorites. On top of having a strong voice in what we represent in this years Colorado Cannabis Cup, participants (“those that return their completed ballot”) will also be given a 25% coupon that can be used on their next hash purchase at Sacred Seed! Fans of Clementine, of the companies listed below or just concentrate connoisseurs in general will not want to miss this exciting opportunity! The competition runs from April 1st through the 16th with the winner being announced on April 20th.  


    Extraction companies include: CRx, Colorado Supply Concentrates, EvoLabs, Green Dot, Harmony Extracts & Incredible’s Extracts”



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